Remembers format from previous page ?[NOTED]

Having completed a text, I add a note to the “research” folder, for a citation to add.
A single line, completed with a link to that page.

Next, I add a new text and start typing… in hyperlink format.
Have tried to reproduce this, but no way…

What do you mean by “page” since Scrivener doesn’t have any such thing? Do you mean a new item in the Binder? Are you saying you started with a hyperlink in one binder item, created a new item, and it was still in link mode?

Oh, sorry, I’m not yet used to the jargon.
I mean a “text” of course.

In both cases, it were text files, one in “Draft”, which I ended upon another under “Research”.
This is where I added the link to the text concerned by this research.
This is to say, I started with some words for the memo, then added the link, and then clicked on “add new text”.

The next one (after adding a “text” to “research”) was again in Draft. And this one kept the hyperlink format.
There was no folder yet. I’m a beginner with Scrivener.

I just checked this out : After the link, I added neither a dot, nor a space, and clicked immediately on “add” button.
So, maybe, this is why it happened, but should not, I think. Not from one file to the other.

I hope I didn’t forget anything.

That’s pretty strange! I can see that happening if you put your cursor in the middle of a link and use the Split feature, but a brand new file, hmm. In the second file that has hyperlink formatting, is it just formatting, or can you actually click on the link and will it take you to the same place the link in the first document does?

I’m afraid it is too late to answer this question.
When I saw what happened, the first thing I did was shift, home, delete, and start typing it again.
And it was gone. Even undo did not help, once I realised that it could be some bug.
Now that I’m aware of it, sure, next time, I will try that.

I’ve noticed this as well - with formatting not hyperlinks. I haven’t used any hyperlinks to know.

I finish typing using italics at the end of a document, press ctrl-n to get a new document, type a title, click in the editing space, and start typing, I’m still in italics.

If before pressing ctrl-n for a new document I turn the italics off with ctrl-i, then the new document will be in normal text.

It’s easy to fix with formatting like italics, and definitely not a problem, but I imagine with hyperlinks it could get a bit more difficult.


Using Win 7 64-bit fully updated - beta 1.3

This comes in addition to what happens sometimes when adding a new text.

I moved one text file from one folder to the other.
Then I changed its name in the binder.
I clicked into the editor pane and wished to add a title line…
The letters were NOT those of the editor, but those I just had in the binder…

Again, I realised it too late and had corrected the problem by deleting, going one letter forward and then one backwards on the first letter of the first line.
Sorry, but, if I get used to this, I will come to the point where I can even submit screenshots.

Something more on this, which I hope can be useful.

The problem still occurs with Beta 1.4
As it is noted, I do not report when it happens again.
This time, I realise that it is NOT about creating a new page, but rather on “keeping the chosen format turned ON”

  1. I create a file and then change my idea
  2. I create a folder, name it and pull it one line up
  3. In the editor, I add a title to that folder, underlined
  4. I go back to the file I just had created previously
  5. There, “underline” is still turned on

In this particular case, it is obvious that the style is not “remembered” on “create”, but just kept ON in the Editor, when browsing and landing in an “empty file”, which seems to be the condition.
When the cursor reaches existing text, it is the style of that text that switches the style buttons depending on what exists.