Remoter VNC for iOS

What I really want is Scrivener on my iPad that will natively sync with the Scrivener on my Mac. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but all signs pointed to that being a no-go, so I’ve been looking for other options. More than I’ve been writing, actually.

There seems to be no good way to get my writing projects off my computer and onto my iPad. I’ve bought a bunch of apps, signed up with services I didn’t really want to sign up for, and generally had a frustrating, lousy time without finding a decent solution.

But I may have just found a workaround. :slight_smile:

Remoter VNC - on sale for 99¢ as I write this. … ?mt=8&ls=1

Instead of looking for a less than perfect solution to get my writing off my Mac… I’m leaving it there. I’ve tried other VNC clients before, but for full functionality they’ve wanted far too much for my budget.

The biggest bug seems to be that it fails at right-clicks when demoting into Snow Leopard machines like mine. It activates Exposé instead. Browsing around the dev forums, I found the thread where they’re discussing that bug - the dev plans to have the update in to Apple this week.

I haven’t been around here for a while, but after playing with this app with Scrivener I couldn’t help but think there might be some other Scriveners here that might find it useful, especially at that price point.

(And just for the record, this is not spam. I have absolutely nothing to do with the app other than that it looks like it’s going to be helpful. )