Remove all tables at once

Just had to import a large document that I’m splitting into section. But there are many tables in the document and I’d like to delete them all at once (keeping the text). I’m using “remove tables” one at a time, because when I CommandA “Remove Table” isn’t an option. Do I have to keep going one by one?

I’ve the same problem/request.

Very quick test… so try this out first.

As far as I can tell, the problem is that the context menu picks up the first line of the selection. So if you start your selection in the first line of the table then cmd-shift-down to the rest of the document, the context menu Table > Remove Table is available and works as you’d expect. (Or it does for me in my quick test…).

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work in Scrivenings, only in single documents so if you get a chance to do it before you split the important document, so much the better. Also: Remove Table leaves the table contents intact as text; if you want to delete the contents as well, you have to use Delete Rows, which doesn’t work with the method above… (I know you want to keep the text, but in case anyone else reads this.)

However, Edit > Find > Find by Formatting works on Tables (just select it from the Drop Down menu) which works on the whole project, not just a single document. So what I would do is this:

  1. Create a shortcut for Remove Table in System Preferences.

  2. Edit > Find > Find by Formatting, select Table and find the first one.

  3. Apply your Remove Table shortcut, then shift-cmd-alt-g (Find next formatting) which will move to the next table in the project.

  4. Repeat step 3 till finished. Tedious, but slightly less so than hunting through the document by hand. Unless you use Keyboard Maestro where you cut automate it, of course).

Because this method selects the whole of individual tables, Delete Rows will also work as well as Remove Table, if that’s what you want.


Thank you very much brookter, you saved my life.