Remove blended effect in comment background

Hi - I’ve been using comments a lot more recently but got tired of that fugly yellow and decided to change it. Except when I do, the colour is ‘blended’ - if I set a comment background to black (and the text to, say, white), the background, instead of being a uniform black, is instead a kind of gradual fade from a very pale grey at the top, to black.

I tend to have very, very long comments - usually attached to chapter headings - and this makes the top half of the comment hard to read, but the bottom half easy to read. Is there any way to just make the comments background a flat uniform colour?

There’s not, I’m afraid, but I plan to remove the effect from the next free udate as part of a general UI polish anyway.

I use white for the comment pane background colour. Looks uniform (to me).