Remove certain elements from screenplay on export?

Hello fellow Scriveneers,

I have a question on how you would accomplish the following.

I make screencasts for a living, which means I write the script in Scriveners screenplay mode. When I send the script off to the voice over talent, he or she normally doesn’t need “action” or other special annotations, only dialogs and scene headings.
How would you export an .rtf or .doc directly without editing the exported document before sending it off?


I think your only option is to split each scene into different documents, and then use a Label or Keyword to mark which ones are “dialogue”, “action” and so-forth. Then do a search for that dialogue label or keyword, save that search as a collection, and compile the collection.

With the right Scrivener settings, you can still view these split documents in Scrivenings mode as if they were one continuous text, so you shouldn’t loose the ability to view them in Scrivener as a cohesive whole.

By the way, you’ll get your answers more readily from the official team if you post in the Technical Support forum of the appropriate platform. Usage Scenarios is for sharing (potentially) unusual ways that you use Scrivener, and less for asking how to accomplish certain tasks within it.