Remove chapter suffix from chapter names in table of contents

I’m really hoping someone can help me because I’m going insane trying to fix this! I just upgraded to Scrivener 3 which - hooray! - allows me to add images to my chapter titles. So basically I have this piece of code in the suffix box for my title

…which shows up the specific image at the right size under each chapter title. So far, so good. My problem is with the generated table of contents for ePub which INCLUDES “<$img:Intended2;w=174>” after each chapter name in the contents. Both my title and the text for my chapter come from the same file (i.e. the file named Chapter One in the binder contains all the text for chapter one, and the title is supposed to come from the name of that file etc.).

I tried to work around this by generating a custom table of contents and directing the compile menu to it so that it would become the official contents page, but though it took the title of the contents page I made it still compiled the contents to include the chapter suffixes. I ended up just going back to what I did before in Scrivener 1 - manually put the image I want at the beginning of each chapter - just so I can retain a clean contents page but surely there must be a workaround for this?

I saw an article that said I have to change the metadata of each image to ‘Chapter One’, ‘Chapter Two’ etc. to change the contents page but the image I’m using for each chapter is identical, so this seems like an awful lot of work (it would definitely take longer than pasting in the same preserved formatting image at the beginning of each file).

TL;DR how can I make a contents page that doesn’t keep including the suffix code for each chapter whenI compile for ePub?


Yikes! No, it should be a lot simpler than all that, thankfully:

  1. Double-click on the compile Format you are using, in the left sidebar, to edit it.
  2. In the Document Title Links compile format pane, enable Do not include title suffixes in updated links.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work - I’ve tried it so many times! I’ve attached a screenshot just to show that I’ve definitely unchecked the boxes before compile, and the resultant contents page for my eBook.