Remove default name from Comments field?

When I add a new comment to my text it appears with my name and the date/time stamp as a default. Is there a way to customize this or remove the name from appearing every time? I’m the only one working on the document so I don’t need my name to appear every time, but the time stamp is very useful. Thanks.

You can sort of do that, yes, but it will impact everything, not just this one feature. There is a way to set up a contact card on your Mac that Scrivener will use for all of the things it would otherwise use your Mac’s main “This is me” card for (placeholder tags, cover sheet / title page generation for new templates, etc.). The instructions are in the user manual in the “Pro Tip” box on page 24.

It might be easier to just press the Shift-Opt-Cmd-D shortcut after you create a new comment, that will print the date stamp, replacing the original placeholder text. If you use a macro program like Keyboard Maestro, you could even chain the comment shortcut with the date insertion shortcut and replace the original comment shortcut with that (obviously that wouldn’t work if you prefer to click on buttons with the mouse, you can’t override that).

Awesome. Thanks!