remove first line indent

I have spent several hours trying to get my first paragraphs in scenes to lose their first line indents.

I have a ‘section layout’ “scene” set to ‘override text and notes formatting’ with ‘settings’ ‘remove from first paragraph and after empty lines’. It was set to ‘no style’.

Nothing I did would make the first lines lose their indents. This had worked before. This also worked when I used a different ‘format’. I compared this format to my format and looked at everything (I thought)—both formats were identical in every way.

So I came to this forum and found some related advice that said that the ‘body style’ needs to have set ‘flatten first indent’. I realized that what had caused my first line indents not to be removed must have been when I changed the style of my scenes to “body”.

Can someone please explain to me why, even though my ‘section layout’ is set to ‘no style’, Scrivener ignores the ‘settings’ and instead applies the ‘body style’ to it, presumably because it is matching the name set in the editor?!

If you apply a Style to text in the Editor, the Compile command will preserve that formatting unless you explicitly redefine it. That’s how Styles are designed, and one of the reasons why you should use Styles primarily to define exceptions, not for your body formatting.


if I understand you correctly, how do I avoid using a Body Style in the Editor for body text? Are you suggesting that I set body text to No Style? In which case what html tags would it have in an ebook format?