Remove Formating

I do a lot of grabbing text (i.e. from the Internet) to use in quotes and Scrivener very faithfully includes all the formatting that goes along with them, then I have to go through a lotta yada-yada to get that formatting to match what’s already in the document. I’ve actually taken to pasting formatting into Notepad first, recapturing it and then pasting it into Scrivener but…

It would be very nice to have a button and equivalent keyboard shortcut that would allow stripping of formatting (the way Open Office does). Maybe it’s there somewhere and I’ve missed the obvious, but I looked and didn’t find it. Having the formatting match whatever is currently in the document would probably make the most sense, or match the project default? or options to choose which?

Or maybe just a “Paste Formatless” button.

Anyway, thanks for considering it.

I hear you! I almost always strip formatting when pasting in. There is a shortcut for this already. It is Edit/Paste and Match Style, and the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-V. It has the same effect as “rinsing” text through Notepad.

Alternatively, there is a bulk command, Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style which can clean up text you’ve already pasted in, and on multiple documents at once. One of the nice features about this tool, over the other, is that it will preserve inline formatting like italics and bold, and can be adjusted to preserve even more if you want (like block quote indents).

Thanks so much! I just downloaded the upgraded version and I see the “Match Style” is there. I love it when my wishes come true!

I’ll also check into the Convert option.

I appreciate your quick answer.