Remove formatting except italics

I’m new to Word, new to formatting, not too new to Scrivener. I need to compile my MS for Word to eventually upload to Smashwords, which is pretty strict with its formatting requirements. My MS has all kinds of formatting all over it by now since I’ve been tweaking things for more than a year. Is there a way to strip all the formatting out before or after I compile, EXCEPT italics? It’s a 250+ page book and finding every word to re-italicize once I re-format in Word will give me nightmares.


Yes indeed. Ending up with a mess of a MS is okay with Scrivener, as this is what the “Override text and notes formatting” checkbox is for, along the top of the Formatting compile option pane. When you enable that, the mock editor will light up in the bottom half of this pane, allowing you to set the universal formatting settings per document type and indent level. So if all of your book content is coming from text files (not folders or file groups), then you can ignore those other rows in the top half of the pane, and just tidy up the text formatting for the text icon row.

This function will preserve inline formatting such as italics.