Remove Headings "Synopsis", "Text" etc.

Is there a way to remove the headings “Synopsis”, “Text” etc. on compiled documents? And as well the text “No Synopsis” if there is no Synopsis?

“No Synopsis” was the default synopsis put into documents in 1.x - that is no longer done in 2.0, which leaves the synopses of new or blank documents empty. You will need to go through any documents with “No synopsis” in the synopsis area and delete those words manually.

To get rid of “Synopsis”, “Text” etc, deselect “Insert subtitles between text elements” in the “Options…” of the “Formatting” pane of the Compile sheet. (You can only do this in 2.0.)


This came up a little while ago in another thread, but double-check now, I’m still getting the “No Synopsis” in 2.x.

Oops, sorry, mea culpa. You’re right, when you compile, if there is no synopsis and you have synopses set to be included, it will indeed tell you “No synopsis”. I was getting that confused with some different old behaviour. Anyway, no, there’s no way to change that.

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That’s utterly deplorable!!

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