Remove Highlighting in Compile?

Hi all,

Is it possible to remove text highlighting during Compile? I can make the text all highlighted, but I haven’t figured out how to strip the highlighting. Is this just a sign that I’m obviously too tired to be working right now, or is it just not doable?


Nope, that’s one of the drawbacks of using highlighting for persistent (stuff you don’t remove after fixing/editing/etc) meta text. It’s good for highlighting stuff you want fixed before you do a final compile. I’d stick with notes of any kind for the type of meta material that might hang around after final drafts are ready to go out.

Ah, thanks, Ioa. At least I can stop driving myself crazy trying to find the right button. :slight_smile: It’s not a big deal, and in a normal sense I would want all the highlighting there at this draft stage; I was just trying to whip out a clean copy for a proofreader and thought I’d strip the highlights, since they’d be unnecessarily distracting. I just imported my highlighted version and cleaned it and compiled it afresh, so all is well. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing the obvious.

(And yes, the obvious might be “just open it in a decent word processor and clean it there,” but at the moment I am limited to TextEdit, so that’s not really going to work…heh.)

Actually that is what I was going to suggest: just drop the export back into the binder and use the handy highlight strip tool to wipe them all out in one shot.