Remove images in Compile

Is it possible to have only the text in the compiled output? I just want to use images as visual references to my written work. For now, I am opening the .docx in Word, and doing a Find & Replace for ^g and then saving the .docx again. All this would be avoidable with a simple checkmark in the compile window with the title “Remove images”.

This is a slightly unusual request, so there is no setting for this. However, you can achieve it as follows:

  1. Select an image in the editor and hit Copy.

  2. In Compile, in the Replacements pane, create a new replacement and Paste into the “Replace” field (an invisible character will be pasted in). Then leave the “With” field blank.

This works because the Apple text system uses a Unicode “attachment character” to hold images in the text, so if you remove the attachment characters, the images get deleted.

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What about importing the images into the research folder, and adding them to project or document bookmarks? Or paste them into the document notes? If you don’t use textual synopses, you can add an image to that area as well. With any of these techniques, you don’t have to worry about scrolling to see the image as you write more and more text; the picture will just remain there in the inspector as you scroll in the editor.