Remove indent on image "caption"


I have chosen to remove first paragraph indents in my e-book, and I’ve chosen to do so after empty lines and centered text.

I actually want to remove all indents everywhere, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for this.

This results in indents on the text that I write under images, (it’s not a caption because this option does not exist, but it’s supposed to work like one).

Is it possible somehow to remove all indents, so this doesn’t happen?

Many thanks,

There is no specific option for that since global formatting is already established in the mock editor area in the lower half of the Formatting compile pane—assuming you have the “Override text and notes formatting” checkbox enabled. If you do, then click on the text icon (if there are multiple levels of text icons, you may need to do this more than once as each level can have its own formatting) and set up the look for a typical paragraph, here. I.e. just don’t add an indent here and you should be fine. There is nothing to remove if you don’t have one to begin with.

If you already knew that part but just aren’t sure how to actually get rid of the indent, the Ruler is explained in figure 15.1, on pg. 205 of the user manual. You want to line up the “bar” icon with the down-arrow icon.

Now since you are using captions, that would represent a form of formatting that would get lost by overriding formatting—thus you’ll want to check off “Preserve alignment”. You’ll find that just below the “Remove first paragraph indents” option you chose.

So that should give you a uniform clean look to the entire e-book, but retain the centre-alignment for captions.

Now if for some reason you cannot use override formatting (books with a lot of special formatting scattered throughout will not take as kindly to this feature), then you will need to strip formatting from the source text in the binder. There is no automatic way to do that—after all it’s the automatic approach that was insufficient.

Thank you very much, that solved it!