Remove indents in Document Note section

Sometimes I’ll accidentally paste in an indented paragraph to the document notes section and then I’m stuck with a series of indents forever in that section. If I never paste in one that way, it’s all cool. But how do I get rid of the indents in the ones I’ve already created? I have limited screen space and every pica counts.

You know how you use the Preset Selector in the formatting toolbar or Format > Formatting > Apply Preset to change the format and indents of text in the editor?

That will also work in the Inspector’s Document Notes field.

Inside the Document Notes, put the cursor on the paragraph you want to change, then select the Preset to use. For instance, try using the Body preset to get rid of the indents.


Ha, it took me 6 years to remember I asked this question but dang it, yer right! Thank you! It will now live as a yellow stickie taped to my monitor! Bless!!! :open_mouth: :blush: :mrgreen: