Remove Link

I included a hyperlink as part of a citation in something I am writing, and it needs specific formatting. When I right click and “remove link,” it looks like the link is removed and all is well. As I continue to type my paragraph, the link comes back. I repeat the “Remove Link,” and continue, but then it comes back again. It takes about 5 seconds of typing before it returns. I am not editing the sentence with the link or the text of the link itself when it comes back.
If it matters, I am using the non-app store version of Scrivener, version 2.1, with Snow Leopard.

Thanks always for a great program! Ely

Are you referring to a pasted in URL which is being automatically parsed into a hyperlink? If so, that is a feature you’ll want to disable at the preference level. It is in the Corrections tab, third checkbox up from the bottom, “Automatically detect web addresses”.