Remove metadata

Hi there

Every time I compile I see my name —not my author name or pen name— on Meta-Data, Authors. How can I delete any track of my name in the compile file?


This previous discussion may help.

Hi there, AmberV

Thank for the link, but I am not quite sure if is useful to me.
My problem is not to change the meta-data, but remove any information personal (my name)that is included when I compile, in Meta-Data - Authors. Otherwise, I rather not to create a new contact with that scrivener trick, because it would very annoy to see it forever in my Contacts.

Thanks for your help!

If you merely wish to remove the name in blue from the field then click on it and press delete. If you do not supply a name in this field then it will fall back to using the name specified in the “Project Properties” tab of project’s meta-data, the Project/Meta-Data Settings menu command. If no name is given there, then it uses the name of the Mac account owner in the Contacts program.

I got this, finally.