Remove metadata

At any time I compile my texts I can see the name of the project and my name in each page. I don’t want this, only the text with the page number but I cant find the option to remove all the metadata. In Project/metadata settings I could find the option to use * or one letter to diminish it but I get a slash /
Thanks for any help

I use Scrivener for Windows.
File>Compile>Formatting and then unchecking the meta data boxes is what it sounds like you want.

I use Scrivener for Mac, Project>Metadata Settings>uncheck metadata boxes but nothing happens. The same.
Thanks any way

If you mean you see your name and the project name in the header, then you need to visit the compile window’s “Page Settings” section. In one project of mine, this is in the “Header” field:
<$surname> / <$ABBR_TITLE> / <$p>

To get rid of my name and the project title, I’d delete everything except the <$p>, which inserts page number.

Thank you very much. It works