Remove MM3 and revert back to MMD2 for Scrivener?

How can I remove MMD3 from my Mac and have Scrivener go back to MMD2. It seems that most documents I find on how-to are for MMD2 and don’t work for MMD3 (e.g., adding pictures via Scrivener Link).

Adding pictures via Scrivener Link should be working (and is in fact the best route to take if you need captions). Are you typing out the full syntax and then hyperlinking the src part of that to a graphic that is located in the binder? That isn’t dependent upon MMD version—that’s purely a Scrivener feature. Same goes for automatic conversion of inline images to syntax, footnotes, and headers. All of that is Scrivener helping you out.

At any rate, the easiest way to revert Scrivener back to MMD2 is to change the name of the support folder in your library. That’s all the program looks for, so if it can’t find ~/Library/Application Support/MultiMarkdown it uses the internal copy. Meanwhile you still have MMD3 on your system so if you want to use it to generate .fodt files or whatever you can.

I’m trying this viewtopic.php?f=21&t=13563 but it just gives me the name of the file in the final output.

Okay… actually that tip was meant for making cross-references easier to type in. It wouldn’t directly map over to making image links. Images need their extension to remain valid URLs—the whole file name needs to be specified—and in Scrivener the extension gets chopped off, so if you use title completion and [[wiki-style]] links to link to it, you’ll end up with a link that doesn’t work right. It needs to actually say “example” (preferably without spaces). Not “example”.

That works! Thanks for the help.