Remove Notes from manuscript?


I joined just to ask this question. I’m working with Scrivener 1.0 (I hope to upgrade in a few months).

In my Binder I have a Manuscript going, and also Notes. I’ve looked at my word counts, and I always select “Include Documents in Manuscript Only.”

However, every document in my Notes section has the “Include in Manuscript” box checked under the “general” heading on the right side of my screen. I don’t want my Notes included in my Manuscript at all!

But I can’t uncheck that box. It is grayed out. That means all my notes are being included in my word counts (which means my words counts are now wildly inaccurate), and will be exported with my manuscript when I am done (which I also do not want).

Is there any way to resolve this?


Actually, “Include in Manuscript” is greyed out because it’s meaningless unless the documents are inside the Manuscript folder - only documents included inside the Manuscript folder can be compiled for export or print. So “Include in Manuscript” just allows you to set whether certain documents inside the Manuscript folder should be excluded from the compilation process. All other documents are excluded anyway.

So it sounds as though you have everything set up correctly and have nothing to worry about.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Oh, thanks.

It is a bit confusing as is, because it looks like the items are in the Manuscript.

But I am glad to know that my word counts are are accurate, and that I will not have my notes exported.

Thanks again!


What do you mean it looks as though the notes are in the Manuscript? Do you mean they are actually inside the Manuscript/Draft folder? Could you post a screenshot?


Once I learned that the “include in manuscript” checkbox was meaningless when the document was outside of the “draft” aka “manuscript” aka “whatever you want to rename it to” folder, it did not confuse me. When I first noticed it however, the natural assumption was that with the box ticked, that document would be part of my word counts and final compile. That it was greyed out only told me that I couldn’t change it, not that it didn’t apply; I bet this is what Eseme was referring to. Didn’t the project’s session word count get updated in 1.x when you typed into documents outside of Drafts too? I can’t remember.