Remove revision colors during compile?

Hi everyone,

Maybe I missed it, but is it possible to have revision colors come out standard black when compiling?



Yes, but you’ll need to use the Formatting pane in override mode. If you are already working that way it will be easy to fix. By default the Formatting pane is set to “No Color” for body text (even though it looks black in the format bar). To change this, click anywhere in the main body text area, and right-click on the text colour chip to choose Black (you won’t see a visible change most likely, since the default is black already). This will now force black text output throughout the whole text.

Also, if you are done with the revision markings, you can use the Format/Revision Mode/Remove All Revisions menu command to strip them out. This works on the active text loaded in the editor, so to bulk remove revisions from many documents at once, use Scrivenings mode.

Thanks Amber! I knew how to remove them from the document, but not how to make them disappear at compile. Exactly what I wanted to do. :slight_smile:



Oh, sweet! Is this new? I remember wanting to do this before to remove highlights but needing to compile and re-import to strip the colors. (Although maybe I just tried “remove” instead of coloring it white, which is what you need to do. Oh well, whatever, this is happy news in any case.)

With that, it might be worthwhile updating the manual’s comment on this (p.181-2): “Colours and Compiling: It is important to know that both text colour and highlights will be exported when compiling, to most formats. They cannot be automatically removed, and so should be used either when it is your intention to have them in the final draft, or as temporary tools that you periodically strip out when done with them.”

Or is that still valid, since you have to change other formatting in order to also strip the colors? Maybe it could be adjusted to say they can be removed only as part of overriding text formatting generally. Hmm. Anyway, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Thanks for pointing out that spot in the manual. I’m pretty sure I tested this when I wrote that notice and it wasn’t working, but like you, I might have used the “Remove Color” option instead of forcing black/white.