“Remove Revisions” not working

Hi L&L,

I’ve come into a small quirk. I am trying to go through my manuscript and remove the red text throughout. However, when I highlight swaths of text and go to Format>Revision Mode>Remove Revisions, nothing happens.

The only way this command works is if I first go to Format>Revision Mode>Mark Revised and THEN do Remove Revisions. But I’ve revised this text already, in a previous writing session. This is slowing down the process of selecting text and removing the color in one fell swoop.


If this helps anyone diagnose the problem, I do believe I revised these sections before the major upgrade to Version 3. I believe this is the case, not completely sure.


Why are you trying to remove the revision colours? Is it because you want to start revising again, so getting rid of them removes a distraction? Or are you intending to produced compiled output?

In the former case, I can’t remember trying with a revised file updated from v.2 to v.3; in the latter case, I’d just set compile to remove text colouring.



Hi Mark,

I am editing and implementing the red revisions into the text. I would certainly perform your second suggestion (compile), but there are strikethroughs that need to be deleted. But, removing colors doesn’t work. It’s as if the color is embedded in there and Scrivener doesn’t think it’s revised text. Only when I mark it as revised, does the Remove Revisions command work as it should.
It’s so weird.

Could be because the colors have been modernized in Scriv 3. Look up Modified Default Revision Colours in the Manual, Sec. E.10, The Devil in the Details.

That’s most likely why. Thank you!