Remove scrivener link text during compile

I cross reference a lot to other sections of my thesis, and using the <$hn> tags in the title prefix is a great way of allowing this, because scrivener links get rendered as the hierarchical number of the section. So I can get things like ‘See section 1.3.2’. However, scrivener also includes the title of the section, so it instead looks like ‘See section 1.3.2 Noun Incorporation’. Not a big problem, as I can select the checkbox on compile to remove hyperlinks, which makes the text selectable in Word, so I can manually remove the titles while retaining the section number.

But a simpler, more elegant solution would be to have another checkbox (or two) saying ‘remove section title from scrivener links’ and I suppose for anyone who may want it, ‘remove section number from scrivener links’.

Although if someone has links to sections that do not have numbers, then the first checkbox may result in removing the link altogether. A warning, perhaps?

Actually, disregard the above. I just found a suggestion on the google plus group that works. If you give the link text as <$hn> and remove the section title (or type in <$hn> and select it before inserting the link), then the result on compile is a working hyperlink that consists only of the number.

Glad you found the solution - this was added to 2.4 for exactly this sort of situation, in fact.
All the best,