Remove section in compile box

Hi, I was just starting to play around with the compile features, and I added a Section in the Sections Layouts, but now I don’t know to remove it. :cry:
I should have practiced on a copy of my project.
So basically I want to get back to the default settings for compile. I’ll need to take a course or something to figure out how to use Compile. Here’s screenshot of what I’m referring to:

Thanks for the help.

You can’t remove it entirely, because that is showing you what your “Section” documents will look like - and you can see in the list on your left that you have lots of “Section” documents. You can click on “Assign Section Layouts…” beneath it to change the layout assigned, though.

All the best,

Hey KB, thanks for your reply. I enrolled in a course yesterday about the Compiling features so I can understand how to use them.