remove text formatting


I am a migrating MacJournal user and have to my joy found Scrivener. I especially love the footnote and annotation features as I look forward to use Scrivener mainly for writing research papers. But I do miss one text formatting tool in the Text > Convert menu: “Reset text formatting”, removing deviations from the default text size in the current text, similar to Paste and Match Style in the Edit menu. Paste and Match Style is good for copying in passages from web pages etc. “Reset Text formatting” is good for already imported texts, misformatted text and the like.


Another good thing would be rudimentary support for text bullits.

It exists, just in a different format than you might be used to, because you can choose to reset to either your default format choice, or the project specific export format choice.

Both are accessible in the Edit menu, under “Convert Format of Selected Documents.” Nice thing about this tool, which sets it apart from others, is that it can convert hundreds of documents at once.

As for bullets, that is no problem either. Just use Apple’s built in list formatting features, accessible as a drop-down in the Ruler (Cmd-R to toggle).

Thanks for a quick reply. Thats a good step on the way, but what if one wants to change only one paragraph of the text and not reset the whole text?

Nothing pre-canned for that, I’m afraid. A quick Cut and Paste-and-Match would probably be easiest.

Not sure why you would ever want to do that, really. Just use the font panel for that.

P.S. I would stay it’s a step way beyond the way, as this feature is very powerful and useful, but there you go. :slight_smile:

As I said, its a habit brought over from MacJournal. I can probably with time adapt to another work habit in Scrivener.

I didn’t mean to be negative about the current Convert to default format option :slight_smile: .