Remove timeout please ...

A story idea just wants to get out into the wild, being written down and explored, but oh joy, Scrivener wouldn’t start because it is time-out time for the Linus version, please install current version.
Since Packet Manager/SoCe on Ubuntu 12.04 doesn’t do the job, I am now loosing the idea while hacking through command line instructions. Happy christmas.

I know that you applied the time limit for a reason. But what about a longer range, until the planned payed release for example, maybe with a warning sing popping up after at a certain point, but leaving Scrivener alive? I think many are not that kind of grab-all-for-free kids but rely on the Linux Scriv. And I, for example, have bought Scriv for mac but need the Linux version now and then on my Laptop, often with bad internet access as well. As long as there is no payed Linux version, a more tolerant build would be excellent. Plus the Linux version does have much less features than the mac one, making buying the full version even more attractive.

Coiuld you consider that? Thanks!
Now back to hunting that idea and somehow tune-in again with LibreOffice …

Is your copy of Scrivener entirely up to date? There may be a new version out and updates required. The current Beta for Scrivener on Linux is, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the end of next year.

I just upgraded from 12 to 14, so it is up to date.
The problem with both versions is that when using the Ubuntu Software Center to install the Sriv deb bundle, the Software Center crashes.
So I effectively cannot install Scrivener the “easy way” but would have to resort on the terminal.

I had installed the old version of Scrivener without issues as far as I can recall, when it was released.

You should be able to install gedbi with the Software Center, but I think it’s easier in a terminal. Open Terminal and run sudo apt-get install gdebi
This is a smaller program that will install .deb files without the bloat of the Software Center. Then open the scrivener-XYZ.deb with gdebi.

Or, if you want to do it without another program, navigate to the folder is in (probably your Downloads?), then install it with dpkg

cd ~/Downloads dpkg -i scrivener-XYZ.deb

Thanks, now it works just fine!