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Hi, I’m fairly new to Scrivener and loving it!! Thanks for this gem of a program. This suggestion comes from a keyboard I use on my phone. I searched the Forums and couldn’t find this suggestion, so I do apologize if missed it, but the feature I’m suggesting is being able to remove words you don’t use from a dictionary. I am not referring to words I have added in my own word list, but the actual dictionary. This makes typing much more streamlined as auto-correct knows which words I want capitalized and which ones I don’t. It also wont make mistakes for abbreviations I am unfamiliar with. I would never have known how effective it was if I hadn’t tried the keyboard program on my phone.

To give an example: I have a character in my book named ‘Vasel’, which is short for ‘Vaselent’. But if I don’t capitalize his name when I type, it auto-corrects into vales [a group of valleys]. I doubt I will ever use the word vales and would like to have the priority on my characters name. Most of the names I use for my characters are ones I come up with, so I run into this problem allot.

Again, lot’s of love for this gem of a program, it’s helped me reach a little over 233,000 words in 5 weeks!!

Congratulations, that’s quite an achievement!

I see that you’re on Windows. Scrivener keeps the .dic dictionary file in this folder: C:\Program Files\Scrivener3\hunspell

Depending on how much pain you’re currently going through with this, one workaround is to use an editor like Notepad to delete words yourself from the .dic file.

You may want to copy the original file for safekeeping before you do this. Also, Scrivener might update the .dic file as part of regular upgrades, so you’ll want to periodically take a copy of your changed .dic file, so you don’t have to make the same deletions all over again after an upgrade.



That’s genius!! I will definitely give this a go!! Thank you very much for this suggestion!!

I suppose another approach would be to try turning auto-correct off, and make running spellcheck a step in your writing process. That’s the way folks did it in the old days. It has the virtue of never messing with what you write without your say-so.

In my set up Scrivener flags things as I go along that it thinks are typos, but does not change them, so it is easy to monitor or just run through and review. But then again I am not typing 200K+ words in five weeks!!

I thought about doing that but the amount of times i misspell ‘receive’ or any words with ei in them for that matter, i prefer to have it on. certainly not a bad idea, but if i streamline the dictionary I can have the best of both worlds

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Did this, writing is MUCH smoother now!! Huge Thanks for the tip!!

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