Removes first-line indent from second paragraph as if it was the first

Under the following circumstances Scrivener seems to inappropriately classify the second paragraph in a document as the first for the purposes of removing first line indent.


A document is assigned to a certain section type and that is assigned in the Compile format to a certain section format which formats unstyled paragraphs with a first line indent and has Remove from First Paragraph and After Empty Lines set.

In the document:
Para 1: Has a nominal para style assigned. That Style is treated in the Styles section of the compile format. No complicating factors here: Flatten Next Indent is not set for it.
Para2: Unstyled paragraph.

Result: Compiled output strips the first line indent from Para2. BUT it shouldn’t. (Note: there is no empty line between Paras 1 & 2.)

Para 0: Unstyled paragraph.
Para 1: same as above.
Para 2: same as above.

Result: The first line indent in Para 2 is not crushed. This is as it should be.

I conclude that in the problematic Scenario 1, the initial styled paragraph is being inappropriately discounted when Scriv calculates whether to remove the first line indent of the ensuing paragraph.

By the way, the problem we see in SCENARIO 1 occurs also if we add another styled paragraph at the opening of the document: Para 0: styled, Para 1: styled, Para 2: unstyled. Para 2 has its indent crushed inappropriately.

I couldn’t reproduce this issue when exporting to Print/PDF - which format are you compiling to?
All the best,

My target in that compile was docx. --Greg

I’ve attached a test project which produces the result and an example of the docx output.

Test (44.4 KB)
Test (4.73 KB)

Great, thanks - I’ve fixed this for the next update.
All the best,