Removing comment also removes underlying hyperlink

Scrivener Version 3.2 (14343)

Reproduction Steps:
Add an external hyperlink to a chunk of text
highlight the same chunk of text and add a comment
click away to save the comment
come back and delete the comment
comment deletes successfully, but…

Actual Behavior:
chunk of text no longer retains its original external hyperlink. where did it go?

Expected Behavior:
chunk of text retains the external hyperlink from step 1

That’s because comments are links. You’re replacing one link with another, so the actual loss of the link happens earlier in your checklist than you’re thinking. Consider using inline annotations if you need to make a remark on a hyperlink that should remain functional.

I see. Ok, I will do that.

It does seem a curious design decision that these 2 concepts are identical, yet you add them via different methods.

Yeah, that’s because it is a technical limitation first and design decision second. The only way to get that kind of capability, where you can click on text and it opens the comment, was to co-opt the hyperlink mechanism.

That is also why you can’t have a comment on top of a footnote, too. They both use that same trick.

Got it. Thanks much for the additional context!

After tinkering with this a bit, I think there is still a bug here.

I’m in Scrivener 3.2.1 (14481) now and when I follow the above repro steps and clear the comment, the previously URL-hyperlinked text still shows up as blue and underlined, even though the original external hyperlink is no longer available

I can’t reproduce this following your steps precisely. It strikes me as unlikely that it would though, since Scrivener isn’t the sort of software that adds text formatting to hyperlinks.[size=80][1][/size] When it encounters a hyperlink, it adorns the text dynamically in accordance with your preferences for how links should look (my links are hot pink and underlined, yours might be light blue and not underlined). If you remove the link, the text goes back to looking normal. If you change the link to point to a comment instead of an external URL, and then remove the link, it goes back to normal.

Now on the other hand if I don’t follow the checklist, and I copy in text from software that does directly format text bright blue and underlined in addition to adding a hyperlink, then I do get what you describe.

You can try it easily for yourself by selecting some text from this forum page that includes links, paste it in, and then use Edit ▸ Remove Link. With Firefox at least, you’ll get bright blue text. I do believe Word is also another program that adds redundant colour and underscoring formatting to text that has been linked (and in fact without the formatting it doesn’t display links as links at all!).

[size=80][1] Unless you are using a different OS version from me, I’m on 10.14, and Apple has radically changed how the text engine works in this regard.[/size]

There must have been additional reproduction steps that I did to cause this. As you said, likely pasting in prior formatting. I’m a software engineer/product manager in my other life, so I’ll try to capture something more precise and send it over if I find it.

Thanks for digging into this and trying!