Removing Comment Creates a Fake Hyperlink

What I expect to happen: Click the “X” on the a comment and have the highlighted area in the text editor disappear leaving my text in its original format.
What does happen: The highlighted area does disappear but the next time I type any input anywhere on the page, what had been the highlighted area becomes blue text with an underline (it looks exactly like a hyperlink). This cannot be clicked into and the cursor turns into the shape which indicates the text is a link of some sort.
Solutions attempted: I have tried selecting the text and going to Edit > Remove link. I have also tried reformatting the text but nothing seems to work. The only solution I’ve found so far is to simply re-type the text and delete the text with the “link”.

I can confirm that I have this problem as well since the update to 3.1.5 (also, I’m on Catalina). It’s really messing up my to-dos that my editor gives me that I customarily delete when I complete them.

I’m also using Catalina. Makes me wonder if this is a Catalina problem or a Scrivener problem.

I can reproduce this on both 10.14 and 10.15, so it looks like a common and easily reproduced issue. Thanks for the reports!

It’s worth noting that the easiest fix is to select the affected text, and a little be around it as well, then Cut and use Paste and Match Style to wipe out any formatting within the selected area.

Thanks to AmberV for this work-around. However, if the user is not carefully watching, there is still a chance for unintentional errors in your manuscript. When I used this solution, it did paste the text correctly (without the fake hyperlink), but erroneously attached it to the following paragraph (where it was not intended to go). I had to manually break its attachment to the next paragraph. So this is still a little clunky. Is there any chance of someone fixing this bug so it behaves like it should (like it did in previous versions of Scrivener)?

I just tried the same solution again in my manuscript, and it appears that you have to make a new paragraph in order for the “paste and match style” function to work. Tried it three times, with the same result. Which makes the opportunity for error increase.

Sorry to flood this thread, but I just tried this function again, and had another issue. I had to keep re-pasting my faulty sentence in new parenthetical locations, and on the fourth location, it worked. But then I had to clean up all of the extra returns, so it seems inconsistent in its application. Scratching my head. And hoping for this bug to be fixed.

I don’t think I am understanding what you mean by “attaching” to a paragraph, or what parenthetical locations are, etc.

All I’m describing is this:

  1. Select eight words (presuming a six word hyperlink in the middle, one word on each side).
  2. Press ⌘X.
  3. Press ⇧⌥⌘V to Paste and Match Style.

The text is inserted right where the cursor is, which is precisely where the text was cut from. It does not and cannot attach to any paragraphs around it. You don’t need new paragraphs to use the command, it can be used anywhere. Nothing about the structure (paragraph breaks, etc.) of the cut text will change, only any formatting within it. That’s where I am getting lost in these descriptions.

This was helpful. Thank you! This problem has been driving me nuts for weeks.