Removing default metadata fields when compiling with MMD?

Hello! My usual workflow consists of using the MultiMarkdown > Web Page option to compile my document as an HTML snippet (i.e., no or tags and header info, just the content of the document itself). I used to be able to set up my compile format at the beginning of a project and then compile it as many times as I wanted, without needing to manually edit any of the compilation options after the initial setup, and it would output a snippet (instead of a full HTML document) each time.

I recently upgraded to Scrivener 3, and now there are default “Title” and “Author” metadata entries that reappear in the metadata list every time I open the compile dialog. I can delete them manually, and if I do that then Scrivener outputs the HTML snippet just like it should, but they appear again the next time I open the compile dialog, so I have to delete them manually each time I compile my project (since the presence of any metadata fields causes the compilation to generate a full HTML document instead of a snippet).

Is there a fix for this? It isn’t a huge deal, since it’s not that much of a hassle to delete the default metadata fields, but it would be really nice if the deletion of default metadata entries persisted from one compile to the next, so I wouldn’t have to manually edit the metadata list every time. (I know it’s not an issue with persisting custom metadata options in general: if I add custom metadata fields, they persist just fine from one compile to the next. It seems that the problem is only the default fields getting re-added after I’ve deleted them.)

Choose the compile format; right click and choose “Duplicate and Edit” ; go to the Metadata pane and delete the entries; Save to “My Formats” giving it an appropriate name; use that format in future.



Crum, so I’m only just discovering, through this thread, that Scrivener has had a route to semantic HTML output all along, even in V.1. Compile MMD to HTML and we can paste into our blog an HTML that uses and and

rather than all those fonts and margins and spans.

Been on the forum since Day 1 of the first WinScriv beta, and I’m somehow learning this from a user who’s just joined this morning. :neutral_face: Thanks novaeangliae.

May I suggest that Markdown to Semantic HTML would be an excellent candidate for the Copy Special menu. Folks who write in Scrivener but “publish” via a CMS, and others who’ve done too much wrangling with Scrivener’s rendition of “Basic HTML”, would make great use of this capability. Compile is quite a slow load for me. And then a single compile brings the user back to the main program, though the compile might not be quite right, or the only one they need.

In the general case, I’d like a quick way to apply recently used Compile presets to the active document or the selection, bypassing the Compile UI entirely.

Rgds - Jerome

I couldn’t find this option - I went in to edit a compile format, but couldn’t find a single “metadata” pane. To be clear, my intention is to compile my project into a PDF, and only carryover select metadata (in my case, Keywords). So, I don’t want to see Created, Modified, Status, anything except just Keywords. Is that how I go about it?