Removing detritus from Line Spacing drop-down menu?

For Scrivener, Windows 7, new user.

How can I remove unwanted choices from the Line Spacing drop down list?

In the text editing window, I have figured out how to use Line Spacing —> More to format the vertical and horizontal spacing of text. So far, so good.

BUT having tried some different Line Spacing options, the Line Spacing drop-down list has become cluttered with every setting I’ve experimented with.

I’ve searched this forum and the PDF User Guide but haven’t found out how to clear up the clutter.

I’ve also looked at Tools —> Options —> Editor but it only shows the original 3 default choices. And doesn’t provide any way to delete list items anyhow.

Any ideas, please?

Note that I was experimenting with the spacing because I like sans serif headings aligned on the page’s left margin with all other non-heading text indented 'bout 0.2" or so. Configuring the Scrivener editing window to present a topic’s content that way seems a bit difficult(?)

Cheers & thanks,

Well, after 'bout a week with no replies I thought I’d contact Scrivener support.

In a day or so Jennifer replied to my inquiry by explaining that the way to get rid of unused indentation options is to close Scrivener then re-open it. And yes, it seems to have worked.

The key word is “unused”. My experiments had led me to find one particular format that I liked well enough to apply in a couple of topics. So now those topics’ drop-down list contains the default options and the indentation option that has been applied to the content inside that topic.

So it appears closing then re-opening Scrivener is at least one way to tidy up the Line Spacing menu…

Cheers & hope this helps,