Removing double space

Well, folks, I did a couple of foolish things at the very beginning of my draft novel. I’ve figured out from the forum how to set back to 12-pitch from 13 (a problem I can’t solve by override in compile because I have a couple of fonts). So now, the risky one: As you can see, I automatically put two spaces between sentences. :blush: I guess that went out with buggy whips. The only way I can see to fix the problem is to make a separate backup, then Project Replace two spaces with one. Then read the whole 90,000 words very carefully.

Is there a better way?

Try File->Compile->Transformations->Convert multiple Spaces to single spaces to fix it during compile; that way you can just leave your current formatting alone while you un-learn your habit from the era of the typewriter. (I went through a similar transition about 5 years ago. It was surprisingly easy, but then I’m not much of a typist.)

Otherwise, File->Back Up->Back Up To… and then File->Project->Project Replace, searching for 2 spaces and replacing with one.