Removing extra paragraph return

I’m having the same issue as detailed here:, but even after making the invisibles visible, I can’t get a find/replace to work. Nothing happens. Trying to “find” alone just tells me it can’t find anything. Is this perhaps a Windows-specific issue? I’ve looked through several threads and most people seem to be dealing with it just fine on a Mac. I’ve tried copying the hard returns via Scrivener itself and also from notepad to no avail. I was really enjoying your program until now but this is pretty much going to ruin it for me. I do all my writing in .txt via an app on my iPod touch.

There’s another another separate issue I noticed: I first copied the text from notepad directly, and some (not all) was formatted with hard returns at the end of lines according to where notepad had ended lines… like just based on window size. It was word-wrapped, so there shouldn’t have been any information regarding line end. But after copying, if I dragged the Scrivener window out wider, the text stayed exactly the same, with the same line breaks. If I dragged the notepad window wider, then I could copy the text into Scrivener and it would wrap the text accordingly. Which doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, I’ve never seen any word processing application do something like that.

Any thoughts? I want to buy the program and was all set to after using it to compile a short story, but after adding in pieces of my larger manuscript, all this happened. And it’s pretty much a dealbreaker for me since I already have another program that does nearly everything this one does, but this one is cleaner, more stable, and more of a pleasure to use… barring this peculiar issue.

Thanks for your interest in Scrivener. The find/replace for the invisible characters is a Mac/Windows thing in this case; Scrivener on Windows doesn’t yet have this ability, though it is something we do want to add.

The hard returns from the Notepad text is from the word-wrap there; you’ll see the same thing copying the saved text from Notepad into Word. Since there’s not currently an easy way to strip the extra returns in Scrivener, you’ll want to either import the .txt file or turn off word-wrap before copying the text.

Hi Jennifer,

I’m a brand new Scrivener user on Windows 7. (Loving it so far!)

This particular feature – to be able to Find/Replace for invisible characters (return, tab) would be a huge time saver for me! All my old texts that I want to import I typed with two returns at the end of each paragraph. This isn’t good for the Novel template. As it is, I am individually find/replacing all the double returns in another program, then pasting the text into Scrivener.

I also notice, by the way, that the [?] question mark button on the Find/Replace window (next to the close window [X] button) seems to have no function.

Thanks for a great piece of software!