Removing formatting/columns

Sometimes when I copy text into Scrivener, it pastes into a single column. I’ve tried to reformat via Documents>Convert and it doesn’t work. Removing the tabs doesn’t do it either. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks.

What are you defining as a single column? Because what comes to mind for me is paperback vs. newspaper, and Scrivener wouldn’t display text like a newspaper, in multiple columns (that is a compile phase thing).

The text does not extend across the page, as it normally would, but returns the line below and looks like one long column. Advice on how to fix this?

I assume you have hard line breaks in the text: turn on Format > Options > Show invisibles and if you see ¶ at the ends of the lines then that is the issue. You can do a Find/Replace using a regexp to find “\n” and replace it with " " (a space) to automate removing the hard line breaks…

Actually showing invisibles allowed me to drag the borders of a box around the text horizontally, and that makes a normal looking page. Thanks!

The box probably indicates the text is formatted as a table. The Format -> Table -> Remove Table command will get rid of table formatting.


It’s strange but table formatting was already off. I’m not sure why this happens sometimes, but thanks for all the help fixing it.