Removing indents from chapters

I was moving Chapters around in the Binder and now have several groups of chapters “indented” under other chapters. That is, Chapter 9 has a left-pointing arrow next to it as though it were a folder. Several chapters I moved under it are now indented just as thought Chapter 9 were a folder. I want to remove these indents while keeping all the chapters in palce.
I tried uploading a Screen Grab but I see tiff is not allowed. What is allowed?

Yeah, TIFF is not the best image format for the Web, most browsers can’t even display the format. PNG is a good option when you want high quality, but good old JPG is suitable for most screenshot sharing. I often use PNG-8, which is a bit like GIF, it’s often even smaller than JPG given how monochromatic and flat UI is these days.

That aside, Scrivener is a full outliner. You can nest (or indent) just about anything inside of anything else. You can even nest PDFs inside other PDFs. So there is nothing to worry over here, you just need to select the items you wish to outdent and use Ctrl-Cmd-LeftArrow (with this combination of modifiers, the arrow keys move things around in the outline, very useful when drag and drop is awkward), or simply click on the selection with your mouse and drag and drop the items back up to the “Draft” folder (or whatever folder establishes the indent level you wish to move them to) to stack them at the bottom of the list on that level.

Thank you, AmberV. I used the Mac’s inbuilt Grab to create the screen grab. It seems to only work in TIFF. Is there a way to convert it, or do you use a different app?

Preview is the easiest way to do it. When I have to use Grab (and yes it is limited to TIFF for whatever reason), I don’t save the file from there, I Copy it with Cmd-C. With Preview you can simply use the “New” command to create a new image from the clipboard, then save it from there as PNG or whatever.


As an alternative to using Grab, you can use various screencapture options as outlined by Apple here…

Screencapture uses .png as its default file format.

You can change the default using terminal… … le-format/

…or by using a utility such as Onyx…



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