Removing inline annotations? Also, color question

Once text has been converted to an inline annotation, is there a way to unconvert it — return it to what it was, ordinary text?

Color: Is there a way to query the color of selected text to see what its color settings are, something like a “Properties” command? Format > Font doesn’t reveal the text color, and the color picker only shows the last color “picked”?



From section 18.2 of the manual (available from within Scrivener by hitting F1, will open the PDF in your default PDF handler):

As with other formatting tools, this works as a toggle. If you select some text that is already set to be an annotation and use this command, it will be returned to regular text.

When you open the “Select Color” dialog (Format, Color or Shift-Ctrl-C), you have the “Pick Screen Color” button. Clicking that gives you a movable crosshair that literally lets you see the color of any pixel on the screen, and the resulting color values show up in the control so you can note the values down. Click the normal mouse button to capture the value under the crosshair – now you can add that color to your custom color swatches if you want or otherwise assign it. Does that help?

Helps enormously.

About the color picker, I noticed the cross-hairs when I clicked the button you mentioned, but it wasn’t obvious what to do with it. Maybe add a tool-tip on hovering over the button that explains its use? Devin’s explanation would be perfect.


As far as I know, the Colour Picker dialog is an unmodified system resource. It looks the exactly the same in any number of apps. So I doubt that anything like a tool tip can easily be added.

Apple seem to think that it’s self-explanatory, but I had to do some web research to really understand how it works. One thing I have noticed is that in Scrivener, it works better if you close it after each use. Otherwise it can easily get confused among text colour, highlight colour, and annotation colour.

Hope this helps!