Removing Keyword Color in 2.0

So, I’m trying to transition a project of mine - a large research paper - from 1 to 2. I’ve used alot of keywords, but I don’t really want or need the colors that get automatically appended to the keywords when I load the project into 2. Is there anyway to turn this off (ideal) – or, barring this, group change them to black or something?

No, there is no way to hide colours, or bulk change them all to one colour. Since the colours are used in outliner and corkboard now, it would not be desirable in most cases to turn them off as you would lose the referencing power of this feature.

Thanks for the fast reply! It’s just that when I update, I’m suddenly confronted with a smorgasbord of colors…

hmm, I’ll have to think about this. I really like the plain asthetic of 1.0; for this project at least, I might stick with it.

I agree, sometimes the colors can be overwhelming if you have a lot and the colors have no particular meaning–when the keywords are more just for quick searches, etc. But I think after a bit you may not notice; you can of course not show the chips on the index cards, where you don’t see the keyword anyway, and they’re less likely to be as distracting in the outline view since it’s just an underline and you probably only have a few keywords per document. (I could be wrong, of course–maybe you have a lot. But I find for myself I’m mostly overwhelmed by the color when looking at the HUD itself which is probably not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.)

Anyway, just wanted to say although there’s no bulk color change, you can open the HUD, click the first keyword color chip to change it to black, and then leave the color palette open and just flip back and forth quickly from the HUD to the palette to set each of the other colors to black. Not quite as easy as bulk but still fairly quick.

I think it might be one of those things that grows on you. I really don’t even notice the colours in the table too much, and they look nice in the HUD to my eye—but having been fashioning documents in 2.0 for some time now, rather than having just converted a mature project with a bunch of keywords, I think gradually growing that keyword list and having those colour mean something as you add them makes a big difference in how you see them. Really using these colours, it opens up a lot for fast recognition. A bright flash of red in the margin over there catches my eye, and since I’ve set that colour up for things that deserve catching my eye like that, I appreciate being reminded of whatever that colour represents. For more subtle things, just having groups of colours on the hue wheel mean different things means I can take in information more quickly than I would in having to scan down the list, reading words. It’s just an, “ah, light blue, needs some screenshots in this section”, or what have you.

Thank you both, MimeticMouton and AmberV, for your help & advice. After going over both of your posts, I decided I’d give the keyword colors one more shot; MM’s tip on keeping the palette open really helped convince me that maybe, just maybe, I could use the colors to organize my thoughts.

And what do you know? I’m really pleased with the results. I have many keywords that fit into a few overarching categories (‘Historical Personalities’, ‘Concepts’, ‘Locations’), and the colors make quick visual identification so much easier. I’m really impressed by how… beautiful… my project looks in the onliner.

So, thank you for your advice and patience!

Excellent; glad that looks good to you once you got it working the way it is intended to work.

And yes, I really like the new outliner look, too. It’s a little more understated of the new features; not as whiz-bang as freeform corkboards or collections, but a little refinement here and there has made it look great.