Removing lines/carriage returns under chapter number

I’ve got a compile format that generates simple chapter headings (Chapter One) from the folders comprising each chapter, and then adds the text from the scenes contained in the folder. Some of the scenes have a date at the beginning.

I want for the chapter heading and date to be centered, in the same font, with the date just below the chapter heading with no extra space. After compiling, two or three extra lines have appeared beneath the chapter heading. How can I get rid of them?

In edit format/new pages, there’s a place to add extra lines at the top of each section type. Right now, I have twelve lines at the top of the Chapter Heading section type, and none at the top of the Scene section type.

I’ve included examples. The Prologue (which is not autogenerated) is the formatting I want. Chapter One, with an autogenerated heading, displays the unwanted extra space.

So, how can I eliminate the unwanted lines after the chapter heading?

What I want.pdf (31.2 KB)
What I don’t want.pdf (34.6 KB)

EDIT: Now back at a Mac. Does viewing / following this sample project help? (75.9 KB)

novel.pdf (40.8 KB)

The extra space might be caused by carriage returns or, more likely, paragraph spacing.

This post and sample project might help: … 28#p273128

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