Removing multiple line breaks

I have reinstalled, several times, a ‘Service’ item called something like Devin’s Word Service, which will remove multiple line breaks, leaving double line breaks. Can’t find it at all now - does it still exist? I seem to remember installing it in the Keyboard Shortcut section of the Settings, but every time MacOS updates it wipes it.

Maelduin, it may be that what you’re thinking of is DevonThink’s Wordservice, to be found here - scroll down the page to the freeware section: (nothing to do with Scrivener, of course). Not sure why macOs updates should wipe it, though, but you could email Devontechnologies to ask them.

Thanks, that’s it; downloaded again.

Glad that’s figured out! I didn’t remember offering a Word service, let alone on a Mac…

I’m glad that you made that joke. I thought of doing so, but decided against. :slight_smile: