Removing pages from Collections


I selected pages from the Binder to include in a new collection but then changed my mind for certain pages and would like to remove them.

I don’t see an Undo function for actions within the application so is there a way to remove pages from the collection without them being also deleted from my Binder?

I assumed that when pages were added to a new collection that they were copied. If they are only referenced from the original is there a way to remove it/them from the new collection only?


See 8.4 Using Collections in the Scrivener manual.

The manual should be available from within the Scrivener app, via however one invokes help in Mac apps. In the Windows version, the manual is available via Help > Scrivener Manual.
Or see/download the manual, in PDF form, from

From looking at the Mac and Windows versions of the Scrivener manuals and experimenting in the Windows beta version of Scrivener (earlier versions appear to work a bit different), I gather the following:

  • Items in standard collections are aliases (i.e. shortcuts, pointers, …) to the original items in the binder, not the original items, not copies of the original items. If one edits the apparent contents of such an alias item, one is actually editing the original.
  • Removing an item from a collection, via selecting it and then clicking the “-” in the collection header or hitting the Delete key just removes the alias, but does not move the original that it pointed to to Trash.

I’m not sure, there may also be a “move to trash” (Shift+Delete ?) that not only removes the alias, but also moves the original item that it pointed at to the Trash.

You might want to do a little testing to confirm this, so as to be comfortable that this is correct.

To be clear, I use Scrivener for Windows, not Scrivener for Mac, so my knowledge of the Mac version is theoretical, based on the manual and apparent similarities with the Windows beta version. So treat the above with a bit of suspicion.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it.

Yes, I have the manual and always try to locate a solution there or in the forum before asking for help but sometimes I start to drown in a sea of words. Ha!

The “-” button was the key I needed! To remove the item from the collection I am in is its purpose. I had always took that (mistakenly) for an expand/minimize button.

Thank you again!

You can also just hit the ‘delete’ key to remove assignments to a collection. Don’t use Cmd-delete, that will actually send it to the Trash as well as removing it from the collection.

Thank you AmberV!