Removing personal details from compiled mobi ebooks

I compiled a mobi file. It contains my name, address, email address, phone number etc at the front. How do I stop this from happening when I compile the mobi or epub.
I tried changing the meta settings.
Thanks in advance.

From which part of the e-book are you seeing this information, in the meta-data section of the book, or in the content? That should give you a clue on where to go to fix the data. These are two separate things. The meta-data describes the details of the book to aid in organising it amongst other books. It’s like an elaborate “spine” on a shelf. These settings are in the Meta-Data compile option pane. Then there is information in the content material of the book. This is not ever used as “spine” material in organisers like Calibre or bookstore uploads. So if you see something in the content, then the place to check are the files that generate that content. You might have a cover sheet or some sort of info page that you included in the manuscript at some point, or perhaps you started with a template that provided one of these?