Removing Scrivener Links

Hi - not sure how I managed to ‘link’ some of my chapters, I think I went to File>Scrivener Link>Novel Format and now all the text is underlined and pale blue and I don’t like it! Have looked at forum posts and all I can find is that I need to Compile and then remove links or do an ‘original compile’. The thing is I’m not ready to compile, I just want my plain black text back!

Any advice?

Many thanks.


I’m not sure how you aren’t sure how you linked things here, seeing as you say that you went to Edit (not File) > Scrivener Link > Novel Format. :slight_smile: “Scrivener Link” creates links between documents. If you just return to the same “Edit” menu, will find an “Unlink” command (Edit > Unlink), too. So, just select the affect text and use Edit > Unlink to remove the link.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Keith - brill - thanks - always an easy answer when you know how! And how on earth did I not see the unlink command … I’ve only been using Scriv happily for a decade! I write and when my muse is on my back, these technical things throw me!

Thanks again.

Hope all is well.

Glad that helped!