Removing the DRM from a .mobi compile?

So, I’m just trying to compile my story to put on my own kindle. It however has a DRM apparently, and I cannot view it. Is this something I can change in the compile settings to remove?

The files KindleGen creates have no DRM, and there is no way to do that with our software in general. It must be some other problem, and I’d start with converting the .mobi file KindleGen creates into something better for your Kindle. The file it creates is optimised for publication to the KDP, not for placing directly onto devices for reading. Usually it works somewhat okay (sometimes classified incorrectly as a “document” instead of a “book”), rather than completely failing with a DRM error, but it’s probably better to convert no matter, even if it seems to be working fine.

Best tool for conversion is Calibre. It can output an AZW3 file, which is optimised for reading on Kindle devices and software (except iOS, which is weird).

Aha, that worked perfectly, thanks for tip!