Removing TOC page - Is it available now? … ge#p143574

I saw this posted early last year and I’m wondering if removal of TOC page is available now on the latest scrivener? If not, I’m aware of sigil from the post. have never tried it but I do have calibre and I thought the editing possible there is pretty cool. Is calibre a good method to remove the TOC (and everything else like font change, spacing, etc…)?

No, there’s not a way currently to prevent the table of contents from being created during ebook compile. I haven’t used Calibre for editing myself, but I’ve heard of other users liking it, so if you’re already familiar with that tool, by all means give it a shot. The one thing to note is that if you’re ultimately shooting for a Kindle book, really run the Calibre-created epub through Amazon’s KindleGen (easily done just by opening the file in Kindle Previewer, if you don’t want to deal with the command line) to make sure it’s fully Amazon-compliant. I’m not sure what the state of things is now, but for a while Amazon was rejecting Calibre-created mobi files, I think because they weren’t backward compatible with older Kindle devices. Maybe just because Calibre isn’t Officially Approved By Amazon. At any rate, check into that before submitting a Calibre-created mobi to KDP.

Thanks MM