Removing "Untitled" from printed outline

I use folders as chapters, and break these down into sometimes a large number of text files. To organize the chaos a bit I will often use multiple blank text files in the binder to visually separate sections. I find these visual cues very helpful.

When I create a new text file Scri automatically labels it “Untitled.” No problem, I just delete it in the Binder or the Outline. However, when I go to print out an outline of a chapter, these blank text files are automatically retitled “Untitled” and I loose all my visual organization.

Is there some way to tell Scrivener that when I delete “Untitled,” I really do want it deleted, even when printing?

I’m not sure I’m wholly following what you want to do, so here are two possibilities. I hope one of them works for you…

If you just want the dummy documents to be ignored when you print out the document, simply untick Include in Compile (in the Inspector General tab) for each “was called untitled” document? You’ll still see them as “untitled” in the Compile dialogue, but they will be ignored for printing out.

If you’re printing out just the outline itself (i.e. just the titles, no text), so you want to retain the blank lines in the printout, try using the “Replacements” feature (Compile dialogue > All Options > Replacements). Enter “Untitled” without the quotation marks in the Replace column, and a space in the With column. That seems to work for me.



Is this printing via File > Print Current Document to print the outliner or printing via Compile? Either way, Scrivener will insert “Untitled” for documents that have no title, but you could use replacements in Compile where you can’t in Print Current Document. I’m open to debate on whether it should insert “Untitled” for anything without a title, but the thinking is that it’s a little unorthodox to have binder documents without titles and therefore most likely a mistake, which isn’t the case here. Could you not use a different divider, such as “–” instead of a completely blank document?
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Yes, I suppose I could use “–” instead of leaving them completely blank, but it’s not as clean - arguably not a big deal, but it certainly would be nicer, and easier, at least for me.

I would argue that Scrivener should trust the operator. If the operator deletes “Untitled,” Scrivener should respect it and NOT assume it’s a mistake, echos of Hal lurking in that assumption…

On the other hand, binder items are files, and files have names. Implement this, and I can guarantee the L&L team will be fielding complaints from people who can’t find chunks of their manuscript because they left the title blank by mistake.



I’m not sure I follow what problem you think will happen.

First, on a purely semantic level, “files have names” may be true, but then we would disagree, because I would maintain that a null file name is still a name, and I think you would disagree with me. And that’s OK.

But second, on the implementation level, the name of the file displayed in the Binder UI is stored in the Binder metadata as a different piece of XML from the file name of the actual RTF file itself stored in the Files/Docs directory. There, the actual name of the file is a number with an extension of “.rtf.” So the RTF file would always be locatable, just as easily as any other file, with or without a corresponding name in the Binder UI display.

My apologies if I misunderstand your point.

… besides both the Binder and Outline views have file icons, so in that graphic sense the files are still visibly there. One solution would be to supply file icons (if possible) rather than “Untitlted” to the direct print out of the Outline list.