Removing Whitespace

Hi there,

I am sometime a bit of a messy writer and often my sentences have words with more than one space inbetween. Is there any way to remove them either while I am typing or after I have finished?


You can do so by opening the search window. Then insert a double space in the “Find” field (or more, in case you’re THAT messy :wink: ) and a single space in the “Replace” field. Then click “Replace All” and you’re done.

If you want something fancier and with a lot more features check out Text Soap. It works perfectly for me.

– MJ

Scrivener also has an option to remove extra spaces. See Text --> Convert --> Multiple Spaces to Space.


Interesting – I didn’t know that. However I think I found a bug on this feature (part of the text I was converting disappeared only to come back after I restated Scrivener)… it may be a bug only on 1.055b, since that’s the version I’m using right now (I’m in the middle of my deadline thesis now and uncomfortable on updating Scrivener at the moment). :confused:

No problems when using TextSoap, though.

– MJ