Removing word suggestions

I can’t seem to find this setting.
When I write I sometime get suggestions while I am typing. Can I remove this?

Also is there a way to reset the word suggestions to nothing if I decide to use it?


I think you are looking for Scrivener > Preferences > Corrections (in the Windows version it would be Tools > Options > Corrections) … There are several relevant settings there.

For details, see the Scrivener Manual (available in the app or at in downloadable PDF (Adobe Reader) format). Specifically, see appendix B.9 Correction.

Hope that helps.

It’s probably the “Correct spelling errors as you type” option, particularly if the suggestion thing you’re seeing looks a bit like the iPhone/Pad auto-complete (and you’re using 10.8+). As with iOS, clicking the “X” button beside the suggestion will dismiss it, but so will continued typing. I believe it just uses your custom spelling dictionary, so adding a word it doesn’t recognise should cause it to no longer suggest alternatives.