Rename a project without messing up?

After three years of research (and procrastination) I find that my PhD thesis needs a new title. I somehow would prefer to change it for my Scrivener project, too, to remind me of my new focus. Can I just rename the file in binder or will that bugger up backups or Time Machine or something?
Grateful for suggestions!!!

Nope, that’s fine to do! Just make sure you have the project closed before you rename it, otherwise Scrivener will get confused.

It will mean that a new set of backups will be created, so you’ll have the original set for the older project name, and a new set for the this name. The same will go for Time Machine of course. This shouldn’t be a problem unless for some reason you need to go back into old backups, just remember there will be an older set if you need it.

Yay, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Help! I just went into my file structure and renamed a file for my project and it now seems to have disappeared. Panicking slightly!

Ah - no - I’ve done it - sorry - just wasn’t clicking on project. Phew!

Glad you figured it out! Just to clarify:

  1. You are posting in the Mac tech support area, but I’m not sure if that is what you meant to do since you have a Windows platform tag.
  2. The advice I gave above was in regards to renaming the project, which is safe to do while it is closed. That is the outer folder that you see with “.scriv” in the name. One should never alter the filenames of anything inside that folder though.