Rename the saved search tab?

I have just discovered how to save searches which looks like a really useful feature. However so I don’t end up with a collection of tabs called “saved search”, is it possible to rename the tab? I can’t find a way suggested in the forums.
PS It would be kind of nice to have some kind of little floaty callout box on the magnifying glass icon on its tab which said to ‘click to save search’. Otherwise its a bit hard to find this intuitively while working in Scrivener.

You get the chance to name the search when you select ‘save search’. Also, if you double click on the collection title text in the tab, you can edit it in place.

I’ll admit to running Scrivener Win 1.0.1 but saving a search did not bring up a dialogue box for me. I just ran the search and after searching the forums for how to save it, clicked the magnifying glass icon on the tab which saved it, but no amount of right clicking on anything would give me any options for altering the tab. I guess I’ll upgrade to 1.0.3.

This should work the same in 1.0.1. Click the magnifying glass in the search bar to choose “Save Search…” from the bottom of the menu and it ought to bring up a small panel allowing you to name the search; by default it will use your search term. Once you’ve saved the search, you can double-click in the title in the collection tab in the binder area to edit the text; hit Return when you’ve finished editing to submit the changes.

Search results are also “saved” in the regular search results tab until the next time you run a search, so e.g. if you search for “Foo” and then click back to view the regular binder or another collection, you can work and so on and then later click on the “Search Results” tab and still see your results for the “Foo” search. This tab can’t be renamed, and it will update with the new search results list when you next run a project search.

My problem just went from a small one to a really big one. I installed 1.0.3 from 1.0.1 “updates” and now nothing will open it and there is no error message - just nothing! Did a search in Win Explorer for .scriv and most appear to be in Docs but they are mostly my own “Backup to…” Its hard to tell what else is there as there is a message in Win Explorer saying there are more files than can be shown in the window. Scrivener in C\Program files\Scrivener is dated 27-11-2011 but the uninstall has today’s date 11-12-2011
(Win Vista user)
What to do next so I don’t make the problem worse?

PS Downloaded but have not yet installed the version from the L&L Windows page. However its telling me it is ver
Is this correct?

Running the full installer should fix it; you can uninstall first and delete the Scrivener installation directory to be thorough (make sure your projects aren’t saved in there somehow, but it sounds like you’ve got them safely in Documents). If you just downloaded from the main L&L website, then that’s the right version–if you’re looking at the file properties, it’s listed as product version 1030. Run that installer and you should have everything working again.

But to follow up with the Check for Updates not working, could you let me know if a) you had originally installed Scrivener as an admin to a privileged location like Program Files and were now running Scrivener (and thus Check for Updates) as a standard user or if b) you installed 1.0 or 1.0.1 without uninstalling a previous (pre-1.0) beta version?

Thanks for that MM. I have just realized what a ghastly time of the morning it is there. You people must never sleep!
Now before I do something possibly irrevocable, I have downloaded a new version from the link right at the top of the page in the title to see if it is any different from the previous one I had downloaded (that one was the “Download for Windows” link next to the big curly bracket. ) Both list the version in Properties > Details> as: File version Product version

As for the previous uninstall of betas, I do remember the instruction to uninstall all betas first, but its been a while and unfortunately I cannot recollect exactly what I actually did, although I usually follow the instructions being too nervous about losing stuff to do anything else.

I’ll wait for confirmation on the file and product version before proceeding any further.

[edit] A late thought. Could it be the version of the installer and not the actual program that is

Screwed up my courage and uninstalled and reinstalled from the webpage and ended up with 1.0.3 even though I used the installer, so it must have been the installer software with the version number. Everything worked and I even solved the mystery of which was the last backup which I always find is a bit arcane.
Re old versions. After I uninstalled the messed up version I still had old Scrivener names in Control Panel >Uninstall a program. When I tried to uninstall them, I got a popup saying that Scrivener was already uninstalled, and it was only the names lying around. A bit puzzled as to why the uninstaller does not clean these up.

Now to investigate saved searches…